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Архив Services - "Иу-Иу" - Салон Нескучного Маникюра


  • Gel polish covering

    You can have gel polish on your nails during 20 days. Moreover the covering does not loose its shining, it neither cracks nor chips, it does not need extra correction.

  • French gel polish

    French manicure is the classic of nail design. Such manicure is always relevant if it is made carefully and in actual colors.

  • Shellac “cat eye”

    Last time there appeared a popular trend of shellac “cat eye” – it is a magnet polish which gives smooth shiny coating of saturated hue.

  • Photo design of nails

    We have a ready design which you can choose or book( we have everything from fruits to stars and photos)

  • Machine pedicure

    Machine pedicure is considered to be more sparing and safe in comparing with classic pedicure and it fits even sensible skin.

  • Combined pedicure

    Combined pedicure includes elements of edging, hardware and spa pedicure. Before the procedure, the master of our beauty salon diagnoses the condition of the feet and feet of the client, and already on the basis of a visual inspection and conversation with him, fixes the existing problems and suggests ways to solve them.
  • Classic pedicure

    This way allows to delay cuticle in the best way and make the nails perfect.

  • Modeling nails

    Models nails means correcting the shape of nail- making them bigger and more strength , correcting the shape.

  • Nail extension with the help of gel

    Gel nails are very strong and long termed. There are not so many people who will refuse to give themselves a change to fell like a real queen by having such wonderful gel nails.

  • Nail extension with the help of acrylic

    Nail extension with the help of acrylic is the most effective and comfortable way to make nails longer and shape them.