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Safety - "Иу-Иу" - Салон Нескучного Маникюра


Sweet ladies, what do you think about the “purity” of the manicure salons?

Safety is on the first place for us..
First of all, You must be sure that while making a manicure you will not get any illnesses which
are transmitted through the blood or bloodlessly. That is why our activity is being regulated in a
strong way by the sanitary and epidemiological norms and also by the norms of morality and
elementary decency. The sense of all stages of cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and keeping
the manicure instrument clean – is client’s and master’s health!

Disinfection and sterilization

For example, cuticle cutting forceps and other metal instruments we soak in disinfectant solution, then we rinse it under running water, after that we pack it in medical paper package and take it into the sterilizer for an hour with a temperature of 180 degrees. The package with the instrumentis opened on your eyes just as a nurse, while making an injection , opens a syringe on your eyes.

Disposable instrument

We can use nail files many times, but we understand that it is uncomfortable for you to use it after someone else. That is why unpack new nail files on your eyes and gift them to you after the end of the procedure.

Wooden sticks for manicure are only disposable. The napkins also should be disposable – one for one hand, we do not use terry towel as the other do.

Antiseptic treatment of hands

Before every procedure our masters conduct antiseptic treatment of hands. For the protection of hand’s skin we use disposable latex gloves.

The room has a proper airing. The system of 5 step air cleaning includes UV and HEPA filters, it works in our salon. Every working place is equipped with the local ventilation system to remove harmful and unpleasant steams and smells.

Yes, we are those rare and conscientious professionals. The main is that we are modes